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Beige Sasawashi Room Shoes

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A pair of room shoes is an essential part of every Japanese home. This breathable version of a Japanese-style home shoe is made from Sasawashi fabric, a pill-free material that effortlessly absorbs moisture and odors from the skin. The combination of antibacterial kumazasa extract and a breathable washi weave keeps these room shoes feeling fresh and comfortable in any season. Room Shoe Sizing Tips: Please use the sizing chart, noting that - in addition to the US sizes - foot measurements can be taken in centimeters and compared to the Japanese sizes, which are also in centimeters. If you fall between sizes or have particularly wide feet, round up to the next size. Materials: Sasawashi fabric, polyester sole Care: Japanese-style home shoes feature a soft sole and are intended to only be worn indoors. Please do not wear them outdoors or on cement. Machine wash in a garment bag with similar colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Made in: Osaka, Japan