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Lightweight boiled wool cardigan / cover-up, use included signature safety pin to hold closed in front where desired. Turn upside down for a unique cropped / x-over shape. FIT: True to size CONTENT: 100% Boiled Merino Wool with Fine Gauge side insets CARE: Hand wash with gentle detergent and lay flat to dry, or dry clean
WEAR 1: As easy open cardigan WEAR 2: Use included signature safety pin to hold closed at front if desired WEAR 3: Turn design upside-down for easy, loose, cropped poncho shape WEAR 4: Unsnap panels at front when turned upside-down. Then place one panel across body to opposite shoulder , and other panel crosses body to opposite shoulder. Snap top snaps at back and fold in collar shape and excess fabric (refer to video). Ultimately creating a unique stylized cropped, fitted shape. WEAR 5: Add a belt of your own, or a NFP Elastic Snap Belt style #NA05 to hold shape tighter at waist.